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Experience Serenity and Beauty

at the Cheva Montra Thai Massage Plus Beauty, a reputable day spa and beauty studio in Australia.

True beauty comes from within

No amount of external make up or embellishments will make you look your best, if you are not at peace within. And we at Cheva Montra Thai Massage Plus Beauty recognize that. And this is why we are focused on bringing out the glow of wellness. A spa massage is known to promote relaxation and wellbeing, starting from within. And if you are happy inside, it is sure to reflect on your beauty outside.

Our harried and stressful lives take an impact on our health and peace of mind. We tend to accumulate various toxins in our body due to wrong lifestyle choices and stress. This affects not only our sense of wellbeing, but also our health and beauty. At Cheva Montra, we provide authentic Thai massage which stimulates increased blood circulation and detoxification, which in turn encourages good health, at the physical and emotional level.

But what’s even better, is that our Thai massages provide an enhanced state of indulgent relaxation. Expert strokes will calm your frayed nerves and soothe your senses, bringing a happy glow on your skin. So that you can pamper your way to wellbeing!

To ensure that you are never far from a dose of healthy pampering, we offer authentic Thai massage services at our many branches in Bentleigh, Oakleigh, Cheltenham, Brighton, Reservoir, Brunswick, Heidelberg and Highett.

At Cheva Montra, we can assure you that your experience of a pleasant quietude will start from the moment you step in. The ambience, the aroma, and the music are sure to transport you to a beautiful inner world, far away from the maddening chaos of everyday life. It’s an opportunity for you to have some well deserved “me time”.