Thai massage
“Cheva Montra”- Experience the state of serenity with luxury

A relaxing massage session after a tiring day of work is the best tool for the comfort you yearn, the beauty you seek and the robust health you desire. True beauty cannot be achieved by upper adornments but by inner peace. The increased blood circulation and withdrawal of pain and stress from your body helps you regain the comfort and beauty you have lost by working for long hours and in such busy schedule. “Cheva Montra Thai Massage plus Beauty” parlor which is a leading name in the industry of spa therapies and massage treatments. They promise to provide their clients with an aura of serenity which not allows them to forget all their agitations but also restore the lost energy and comfort in them. The authentic surrounding they provide is very welcoming and helps the clients let go all the tensions and experience the peace and joy to the core.

Only one session with Cheva Montra makes their clients come for regular sessions and for that they have even avail the option of membership for their regular and elite clients. The spa therapies and the massage treatments are said to be effective only if the customer feels gratified and which includes regular change in the set of specific movements to conceal the aches and pains of the clients and also to make the sessions interesting. At “Cheva Montra” the services are in the hands of skillful masseur and professional therapists who knows when and where to tap, squeeze, press which tissue, joint or muscle. They avail the unique treatments with therapeutic experience with wide range like Skin Care, Hair Care, body Massage and many more which ultimately makes  the clients experience a whole new world of pleasure, relief and serenity.

The main aim that “Cheva Montra” walks with is customer’s satisfaction and providing them with the results better than expected. Their fully equipped centers and experienced staff ensure that the customer goes home in the state of serenity and with peace to the core. Here emphasis is made on an effective massage which gives an enjoyable experience to the client and he/she leaves feeling de-stressed, energetic, satisfied and relaxed. A massage can only be called a ‘perfect massage’ if all the needs of the client are met and the session makes the client to return and this is achieved when the customer is in experienced and skillful hands, because professionalism is the key to perfection. To book an appointment or to learn more, please visit here: